What We Do

Logo Design & Branding

  • Logo Design & Branding
    Logo Design & Brand Identitymore_vert
    Logo Design &
    Brand Identityclose

    Create a unique brand through our rigorous branding process between us and the client to get it right for the long run of your business

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Website Design & Build

  • Responsive Website Design
    Responsive Website Designmore_vert
    Responsive Website Designclose

    At Agency Africa, we custom design your website with a dose of love, a lot of passion and an unrelenting spirit to always better the best.

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  • Website Maintenance & Hosting
    Website Maintenance &
    Website Maintenance &

    Bring your website maintenance and hosting under the care of our proactive team.

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  • Mobile Apps
    Mobile Appsmore_vert
    Mobile Appsclose

    Design World Class Hybrid Mobile Apps to engage your customers.

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Integrated Digital Marketing

  • Integrated Digital Marketing
    Digital Marketing Campaigns more_vert
    Digital Marketing Campaigns close

    Drive a fully integrated digital marketing campaign to gain more mileage across every point of customer engagement.

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  • Lead Generation Campaigns
    Lead Generation Campaignsmore_vert
    Lead Generation Campaignsclose

    Drive B2B and B2C lead generation campaigns to target prospects.

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  • Remarketing Campaigns
    Remarketing Campaignsmore_vert
    Remarketing Campaignsclose

    Drive a campaign to remarket to visitors to your website and reinforce your brand recognition.

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  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization

    Drive footfalls to your website through Natural Search results.

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  • Google Search Ads PPC
    Google Search Ads
    Google Search Ads

    Drive footfalls to your website through Paid Search advertising.

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  • Google Display Ads
    Google Display Adsmore_vert
    Google Display Adsclose

    Launch a Google Display Ads campaign with dynamic, animated and video ads to reach your customers .

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  • Facebook Marketing
    Facebook Marketingmore_vert
    Facebook Marketingclose

    Connect with your fans and followers to increase brand awareness and recognition.

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  • Custom Email Marketing
    Custom Email Marketingmore_vert
    Custom Email Marketingclose

    Inform your existing customers of your latest offers and Industry news, whilst increasing top of the mind brand recall and incremental sale.

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  • Reporting & Analytics
    Reporting & Analyticsmore_vert
    Reporting & Analyticsclose

    In-depth website analytics to make meaningful decisions.

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Hotel Rooms distribution

  • Hotel Booking Engine
    Hotel Booking Enginemore_vert
    Hotel Booking Engineclose

    Monetize footfalls to your hotel website using an international PCI Compliant booking engine.

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  • Online Travel Agency (OTAs)
    Online Travel Agency (OTAs)more_vert
    Online Travel Agency (OTAs)close

    Distribute your hotel rooms to 1000’s of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) across Kenya, Africa and the World!.

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  • GDS Rooms Distribution
    GDS Rooms Distributionmore_vert
    GDS Rooms Distributionclose

    Make your hotel’s room inventory available on major Global Distribution GDS systems.

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